Welcome to Solid Indian

Solid Indian believes that nation and national interests are superior to the heaven. India has a proud heritage of the noblest patriots, who sacrificed all their belongings and even gave up their lives, for the cause of their nation. But, today we are divided on the base of region and religion. We need to understand that region & religion are different but originator are same.

If you believe “India First” then we heartiest welcome you to join us to exchange your views and ideas through this website to accomplish our mission.

Concept of Oneness

A philosophy in which a true Indian will demonstrate himself the happiest person in offering his…

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Organization Structure

Solid Indians will always behave as the family members and they will deliver the due respect to the…

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ABC Principal

This principal will make all solid Indians to meditate logically about country, God, family and society.

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All Solid Indians will have 14 principals as their character. SI’s will have superior tendency…

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