ABC Principle

This principal will make all solid Indians to meditate logically about country, God, family and society. ABC principal will describe a vision of three dimensional analysis of believe in God by different religion. And will provide a unique platform to every citizen to survive only for the betterment his country and countryman.

Figure clearly indicates that originator (God, Khuda or Ishwar) is viewed in three different directions because follower were approaching it from A, B and C directions.

  1. Who were coming through A-direction and saw the same originator; named their God as Allah. Followers termed as Muslims.
  2. Who approached the same originator through direction B worshiped the God as Bhagwan (Bhagwan Bholenath, Bhagwan Mahavir and Bhagwan Gurunanak). Followers were Hindus, Jains and Sikhs
  3. Who advanced to the path to find the God in direction C; identified it as the creator. These followers designated as Christians.

Basically, scientifically and logically there is no difference in creatures or human-beings made by the heavenly powers.

Various difference which are existing genetically are well acknowledged to human mass by the latest medical science growths.

Again Allah, Bhagwan or Creator have full authority, knowledge and capability to write a new religious book, modify the existing book to any extent. And all followers will accept it, respect it and diligently follow it.

So any human being who believe in their God need not to believe ill saying of their religious representatives, because they are connecting you to the wrong interpretation of the book and not the god.

Finally it is proved that God is …

  1. One
  2. Originator
  3. Omnipotent
  4. Omniscient
  5. Omnipresent

Solid Indians will value ABC principle…

  1. Will not wear any religious identification differentiation mark
  2. Will behave as Indian only
  3. Will never discuss caste and religion
  4. Will always present positive energy to initiate calm waves for religious harmony

Area wise, Solid Indians team will organize the healthy religious discussions sessions on an open platform by intellectuals of various religions with an objective to bridge the existing gaps.

Worship Place:

  1. Solid Indians will be agreed to have a single worship place with A, B and C sections. Equally divided at 120 degree angle sections
  2. Solid Indians will have only one morning worship in whole day.
  3. Remaining full day SI’s will be in service of the originator
  4. Morning worship timing for A section will be – 4 AM to 5 AM; section B – 5 AM to 6 AM; section C – 6 AM to 7 AM.
  5. Relations , Marriages and religious discussions  will be very common among solid Indians,
  6. SIO (Solid Indian Organization) will allow any Indian citizen to take membership of SBS (Sampurn Bhartiya Sangathan)
  7. Solid Indians above age of 65 years will be part of SIAC (Solid Indian Advisory Committee)
  8. Worship Place center will be the place of originator
  9. Ecclesiastic will be acceptable to all A, B and C
  10. Worship Place center will be common to all A, B and C.
  11. Religious studies will be allowed only small section of society through difficult written examination and positive attitude of society building
  12. Four Religious School will be there for religious studies all over the country – East , West North and South
  13. Religious school will have four years curriculum as Bible, Geeta, Guru-granth sahib,  Quran etc.,
  14. Every village of the country will have one worship place
  15. At every worship place food preparation on daily basis and cloth donation weekly basis
  16. A Solid Indian can have belief in any number of religions  A, B or C  and derivatives