All Solid Indians will have 14 principals as their character. SI’s will have superior tendency towards good health, positivity in thoughts and happiness in life.

United Citizens:

U – Unity is strength of the country
N – Nationalism is blood
I – Integrity is religion
T – Time management as strategy for victory
E – Enthusiasm as habit 
D – Dedication to build the achievements
C – Character as solid pillar
I – Intelligence to valued forever
T – Truth as weapon
I – Influential in negotiations and efforts
Z – Zenith as ultimate target
E – Economic data for financial decisions
N – Noble but against discrimination
S – Simplicity as aptitude

Above mentioned 14 virtues and principals discloses all main strengths anticipated in a patriot to serve his country.

Main objectives of SI’s will be:

  1. Corruption free India
  2. Reverence for woman
  3. Single society with a single religion – as Bhartiya Religion (with three directions > A( Allah – Islam), B(Bhagwan à Shiva, Mahavir Swami, Gautam Buddha, Gurunanak –  Hindu & Derivative), C (Creator > Christianity, Parsism & others)
  4. Strengthen poor and weaker section