Organization Structure

Solid Indians will always behave as the family members and they will deliver the due respect to the age, attitude, experience, qualification and virtues of all other members in the organization as part of their high level of character.

**Organization Structure will be very simple and based on level system:
And each level will have a strongly designed systematic selection system of SI’s for the mentioned responsibilities.

Organization Order Flow Pattern

Unit and Level Table

Sr. No. Unit Level
1 Country L1
2 State L2
3 District L3
4 Tehsils L4
5 Block L5
6 Village L6

Country Level

Extreme Committee

Extreme Committee:

Members will be known as extreme solid associates (ESA).
Extreme committee will have five members H1 – Head of the committee
H2 =East; H3= West; H4=North; H5 = South;

This crew will be fully responsible for every matter concerned, unconcerned, direct or indirect and which is/or may be important for the country at any point of time


Country Committee

Country Committee:

Members will be known as country solid associates (CSA).
North Zone, East Zone, West Zone, South Zone, Central Zone, North East Zone there are six zones in India.

Each zone will be taken care by one member of L1 level. Total active member of country committee will be 6 members.

This will honorably perform as an integral part of the extreme committee.


State Committee

State Committee:

Members will be known as state solid associates (SSA).
This committee will have 29 States + 1SSA for union territories = 30 members. And state solid associate (SSA) will directly report for his working to the concerned area responsible CSA (Country Solid Associate).


District Committee

District Committee:

Members will be known as district solid associate (DSA).
This committee will have 676 members or equivalent to the number of districts in India.

Again DSA will report to his concerned SSA to get resolve all the issues.

Each district will have three committee wrt prevailing conditional and district developmental necessities.
And total numbers will be equivalent to the number of tehsil, block and finally villages in the district.

  1. Tehsil committee – Members will be known as TSA
  2. Block committee – Members will be known as BSA
  3. Village committee – Members will be known as VSA


Map key Name of State or Union Territory (Italicized) Districts
1 Andhra Pradesh 13
2 Arunachal Pradesh 17
3 Assam 27
4 Bihar 38
5 Chhattisgarh 27
6 Goa 2
7 Gujarat 33
8 Haryana 21
9 Himachal Pradesh 12
10 Jammu and Kashmir 22
11 Jharkhand 24
12 Karnataka 30
13 Kerala 14
14 Madhya Pradesh 51
15 Maharashtra 36
16 Manipur 9
17 Meghalaya 11
18 Mizoram 8
19 Nagaland 11
20 Odisha 30
21 Punjab 22
22 Rajasthan 33
23 Sikkim 4
24 Tamil Nadu 32
25 Telangana 10
26 Uttar Pradesh 75
27 Uttarakhand 13
28 Tripura 8
29 West Bengal 20
A Andaman and Nicobar 3
B Chandigarh 1
C Dadra and Nagar Haveli 1
D Daman and Diu 2
E Lakshadweep 1
F National Capital Territory of Delhi 11
G Puducherry 4
36 Total 676

30 SSA will take the responsibility for identification of DSA of their state districts and union territories.

**Promotions will activated thru a well-designed analytic evaluation system based on all significant variables compulsory to approve the appropriateness.

Promotion channel will be as mentioned below…